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Enduser may be the saving alias of Lynn Standafer, an American electronic music maker who also creates aggressive breakcore heavily influenced by ’90s drum’n’bass brands such as for example Metalheadz, industrial organizations including Skinny Pup and Godflesh, golden-age hardcore hip-hop MCs such as for example KRS-One, and dancehall reggae deejays want Cutty Rates. Originally from Cincinnati, Standafer started his label Sonicterror while surviving in Kentucky in 2002, 1st issuing a break up 7″ by Enduser and Tek-Mind, aswell as produces by other performers, including Series 47, Rusuden, and Dev79. Enduser performed many gigs at night clubs and basements with breakcore performers such as for example Dev/Null, Xanopticon, and Duran Duran Duran, and released many limited CD-Rs of his monitors. These caught the interest of listeners from beyond your breakcore world, also receiving insurance from indie rock-centric website Pitchfork. Japanese label Omeko released Trend, a divide 12″ by Enduser and Michigan-based ragga-jungle manufacturer Soundmurderer, in 2003, assisting to increase Standafer’s profile and garnering his music interest from United kingdom radio DJs such as for example John Peel. Many monitors from Enduser’s CD-R produces saw wide discharge in 2004, on 12″ EPs released by Sonicterror and Feed the device Records, aswell as Compact disc From No on Ant-Zen’s breakcore sublabel, Mirex. Through the same calendar year, he also released the Bollywood Breaks EP on German label Advertisement Noiseam, aswell as Decreased Phat 2%, a divide Compact disc with Subsektor and Edgey. The entire year 2005 was extremely successful for Standafer, after that located in Berlin; he released three full-lengths and almost twelve singles and EPs. Operate War and Evaluating Paths featured even more monitors from his previous CD-R and vinyl produces, while Calling the Vultures was a incomplete departure into even more downtempo, hip-hop-influenced territory. Advertisement Noiseam released a 12″ EP of remixes of “Beatdown,” among Enduser’s most well-known tracks, and a divide EP with Bong-Ra and Shitmat entitled Monsters of Mashup. Enduser continuing launching 12″ EPs on breakcore and drum’n’bass brands such as for example Outbreak, Harm, and Ohm Level of resistance. Unraveled Ears, Enduser’s break up EP with Larvae, premiered in 2006, as had been two full-lengths: Type Without Function made an appearance on Hymen Information in June, adopted in Oct by Pushing Back again on Advertisement Noiseam. That label also released The Destroy, another break up EP with Bong-Ra, in 2007. As the continuously relocating Standafer was once more based in america, Ohm Level of resistance released Enduser’s 2008 full-length Remaining, another recording that explored even more downtempo, trip-hop tempos aswell as more intense drum’n’bass. Standafer participated in the Bloodstream of Heroes, an commercial drum’n’bass supergroup with Expenses Laswell, Justin Broadrick, Submerged, and Dr. Israel, who released their self-titled debut on Ohm Level of resistance this year 2010, accompanied by Remain later on in the entire year. Enduser came back to Advertisement Noiseam, who released the 1/3 EP this year 2010, accompanied by full-length Actually Excess weight in 2011. The label also released break up CD Enduser Stocks Needles using the Teknoist in 2012. The Bloodstream of Heroes’ third launch, The Waking Headache, made an appearance on Ohm Level of resistance, also in 2012. Enduser’s just launch during 2013 was Retox, a 12″ EP within the likewise called Dutch label. Enduser continuing touring and focusing on fresh materials, including a cooperation with Gore Technology. In past due 2016, his full-length Enter to Leave premiered by German label Hands Productions.

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