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Not exactly among Neat Records’ most astute signings, glammed-up very difficult rockers Emerson took their name from siblings Stu (acoustic guitar) and Bri Emerson, who founded the group in the north British city of Tyneside with vocalist Sam Blewitt (certainly some mistake!), keyboardist Dru Irving, and drummer Jon Retailers. In fact, you can securely presume that it had been their foundation of procedure — the same as this notorious New Influx of British ROCK label — not really their musical inclination, that clarifies this improbable and, ultimately, not so successful liaison. Regardless, at least there’s solace in the actual fact that Emerson’s underwhelming documented output was limited by but one 1983 solitary, the synth-laden “Something Unique” (b/w “Celebrities in Hollywood”) — and they easily vanished from view. Of note, vocalist Blewitt later resulted in in Samson.

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