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While black metallic fans might recognize Rotting Christ as Greece’s foremost contribution towards the genre, Elysian Fields (never to be confused with the identically named alternative group) could actually gain a global footing with a method that built within the chaotic, pseudo-symphonic experience of organizations like Emperor. An obscure debut recording made an appearance in 1995; their 1st widely available launch, We…The Enlightened, was issued in 1999. Struggling G.O.D. Almighty made an appearance in 2005.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Black Acres, Bum Raps & Love Taps, Bend Your Mind, Duel With Cudgels, Climbing My Dark Hair, Red Riding Hood, Lady in the Lake, Stop the Sun, We're in Love, Queen of the Meadow, Anything You Like, Lions in the Storm, Rope of Weeds, Fountains on Fire, Never Mind That Now, Shadow of the Living Light, The Animals Know, Hearts Are Open Graves, Narcosmicoma, Baby Get Lost, Live for the Touch, Passing on the Stairs, Bird in Your House, Last Night on Earth, Rosy Path, Cities Will Fall, Barely Recognize You, Higher Power, Dream Within a Dream, Love Me Darling, Only for Tonight, Alms for Your Love
Albums For House Cats and Sea Fans, Bleed Your Cedar, Dreams That Breathe Your Name, Queen of the Meadow, Last Night on Earth, The Afterlife, Bum Raps & Love Taps, Ghosts of No, Elysian Fields, Jack In The Box/Rolling (Elysian Fields Meets DJ Cam), Elysian Fields Live In NYC, 4/27/2004

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