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Making use of their self-titled debut EP, Elysian Fields offered sort of noir rock and roll, the sedate chanteuse vocals of Jennifer Charles quickly conjuring ballpark comparisons to Margot Timmons (Cowboy Junkies) and Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star). The music is normally neither as mainstream as Cowboy Junkies nor as doom-obsessed as Mazzy Superstar, with cameos by observed NY downtown music mavens John Lurie and Marc Ribot. The band’s sophomore record Bleed Your Cedar was made by Steve Albini, but during this time period the band’s innovative throws started its unpredictable manner. The label criticized them for sounding as well dark and severe, forcing Elysian Areas to sever ties with Radioactive in 2000. Charles and Oren Bloedow agreed upon with Jet Established (written by Caroline) to concern Queen from the Meadow afterwards that year.

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Music Songs Black Acres, Bum Raps & Love Taps, Bend Your Mind, Duel With Cudgels, Red Riding Hood, Lady in the Lake, Stop the Sun, Climbing My Dark Hair, We're in Love, Queen of the Meadow, Lions in the Storm, Rope of Weeds, Fountains on Fire, Rosy Path, Never Mind That Now, Shadow of the Living Light, The Animals Know, Hearts Are Open Graves, Baby Get Lost, Live for the Touch, Bird in Your House, Passing on the Stairs, Last Night on Earth, Narcosmicoma, Cities Will Fall, Barely Recognize You, Love Me Darling, Higher Power, Dream Within a Dream, Alms for Your Love, Les Amours perdues, Can't Tell My Friends
Albums For House Cats and Sea Fans, Bleed Your Cedar, Dreams That Breathe Your Name, Queen of the Meadow, Last Night on Earth, The Afterlife, Bum Raps & Love Taps, Ghosts of No, Elysian Fields, Jack In The Box/Rolling (Elysian Fields Meets DJ Cam), Elysian Fields Live In NYC, 4/27/2004

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