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Not to end up being confused using the young vocalist with the same name, Elysia certainly are a five-piece deathcore music group from Sacramento, CA, that formed in 2003 beneath the primary deal with of Elysium’s Revenge. At that time, founding vocalist Zak Vargas and his bandmates (non-e of whom stay with Elysia today) had been still attending senior high school, therefore probably immaturity was to be blamed for their questionable early melody, “Incinerate,” whose violent lyrics possess frequently been misinterpreted as homophobic despite the fact that the music group claims these are not. That didn’t extra them from apparently getting attacked while touring through Phoenix, AZ, though, therefore the bandmembers proved helpful hard on “developing up” their lyrics before saving their self-released debut record, Masochists, in 2006. Elysia nearly broke up another calendar year, but Vargas were able to solidify a fresh, stable lineup made up of guitarists Garrett Gilardi and Chris Cain, bassist/vocalist Jon Malinowski, and drummer Steven Sessler with which to record a sophomore record entitled Lion of Judas, released by Ferret Information in June 2008.

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