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Elton Medeiros

Elton Medeiros is among the esteemed sambistas alive. He spent some time working and was companions using the who’s who of samba, like Cartola, Nelson Cavaquinho, Mauro Duarte, Zé Kéti, Candeia, Guilherme de Brito, Clementina de Jesus, Paulinho da Viola, yet others. A few of his strikes are “Clementina, Cadê Você?,” “Mascarada” (with Zé Kéti), “Rosa de Ouro” (with Hermínio Bello de Carvalho/Paulinho da Viola), “Sofreguidão” (with Cartola), “O Sol Nascerá” (with Cartola), “Coração de Ouro” (with J. Santana), “Quatro Crioulos” (with J. Santana), “Pressentimento” (with Hermínio B. de Carvalho), and “Maioria Sem Nenhum” (with Mauro Duarte). Has already established over 130 documented compositions. He’s among the padrinhos (sponsors) from the Ala dos Compositores da Portela (Portela’s composers’ section). Overseas, he provides performed in the Cannes, France, celebration, in the Dark Arts Celebration in Dakar, Senegal, in the Encontro Luso-Brasileiro da Cultura, Portugal, in the Marché International du Disque et Édition Musicale, Cannes, France. He provides lectured and performed in Stockholm, ?-rebro, and Uppsola, Sweden, and in addition has performed many times through Latin America. He shaped three samba institutions: GRES Tupi de Brás de Pina (in the past due ’40s), GRES Unidos de Lucas (1967), and GRAN Quilombo. He grew up in the working-class suburb of Brás de Pina, in the north aspect of Rio’s, within a musical family members. His dad was an associate from the ranchos Mimosas Cravinas, Flor perform Abacate, and Corbeille das Flores. In 1938, Elton Medeiros and his sibling Aquiles Medeiros shaped a bloco with community close friends, which would afterwards merge using the bloco Unidos de Cintra, getting referred to as União perform Amor; his early compositions time from that period. At exactly the same time, he performed trombone and saxophone in his senior high school music group, and drums for the weekends within a dance music group. He became a specialist trombonist, employed in the ’40s in the Fogão Gafieira and in the Rádio Roquette Pinto. In the past due 40’s, Medeiros fulfilled Zé Kéti, with whom he’d write essential sambas. With Jocir Santana he shaped the bloco Tupi de Brás de Pina. His initial documented samba was “Caprichos da Natureza” by Titino, in the first ’50s. In 1954, his samba-enredo “Exaltação a São Paulo” earned the inner selection and was offered from the Portela samba college. Within the next 12 months, Jorge Goulart interpreted the samba in the air, in an set up by Radamés Gnattali with symphonic orchestra and ten matchbox players. In the same period, Jamelão documented his samba de terreiro “Falta de Queda” (with Ari da Pinga). In the first ’60s, he was an associate from the essential samba group A Voz perform Morro, which documented his and additional composers’ sambas through Musidisc. The historical display Opinião (1964) experienced his “O Sol Nascerá” (with Cartola) sung by Nara Leão. The track would also become contained in Nara’s 1st LP. In 1965, he offered his compositions, playing and performing in the also-historic display Rosa de Ouro, that was documented live and released in two Odeon LPs. In 1966, he documented the LP Na Madrugada (RGE) with Paulinho da Viola. Also in 1966, he participated in the Dark Arts Event in Dakar, Senegal, associated Clementina de Jesus, and published the soundtrack from the film Edu, Coração de Ouro (Domingos de Oliveira). In 1967, he created the group Operating-system Cinco Crioulos, with additional historical sambistas, who documented through Odeon. His 1st solo recording, Elton Medeiros, arrived in 1973. “Pressentimento” (Elton Medeiros/Hermínio Bello de Carvalho), which experienced the third host to the Bienal perform Samba, was contained in the recording. With Candeia, Guilherme de Brito and Nelson Cavaquinho he documented the recording Quatro Grandes perform Samba (Four Big Titles of Samba), carrying out using the same in the display Roda. In 1986, he performed in Portugal, and in 1991, he toured Sweden.

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