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Elfrida Andrée

Elfrida Andrée was a nineteenth hundred years Swedish composer known equally well in her local country like a pioneer advocate for the privileges of ladies. Andrée was younger girl of Andreas Andrée, a intensifying politician and serious enthusiast of music, and her elder sister was the acclaimed opera vocalist Fredrika Stenhammar (1836 — 1880). Elfrida Andrée was informed in Stockholm and in 1857, she handed an exam permitting her to become professional organist; few ladies in Sweden have been granted this opportunity ahead of this time around. Afterward, Andrée researched structure with Ludvig Norman and Niels Gade, and in 1863, Andrée became the 1st Swedish feminine telegraph operator, checking a job marketplace that quickly became a favorite avocation for ladies in Sweden. From 1867 until her loss of life in 1929, Andrée was the cathedral organist in Götheberg, and in 1897, she was called leader of this city’s Employees Institute Concerts, establishing her status as the 1st Swedish female to carry out a symphony orchestra. Playwright Selma Lagerlöf was an excellent friend of Andrée’s plus they composed an opera entitled Fritiof’s Saga (1898) jointly that was unsuccessfully posted to a competition for a fresh function to become staged on the opening from the Royal Opera Home in Stockholm. non-etheless, Andrée ultimately extracted two orchestral suites in the opera which became her best-known functions. Andrée also constructed three symphonies, many significant chamber compositions, and two body organ symphonies, furthermore to parts for both body organ and piano, choral public in Swedish, cantatas, and music. By enough time Andrée passed away at age group 87, her compositions had been already on the method into obscurity. But because the 1980s, Andrée’s function continues to be producing a comeback in her indigenous land, since it is normally officially solid and a tone even more expressive than music even more usual of her instructors given her extra passions in the French music of her period (that of Franck and d’Indy, for instance). The musical manuscripts of Elfrida Andrée are housed on the Statens Musikbibliothek in Stockholm.

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