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Ex – Cabaret Voltaire member Richard H. Kirk is certainly widely thought to be modern techno’s busiest guy, a difference he’s found through a discharge schedule that continues discographers sweating and die-hard supporters near bankruptcy. Without doubt, that function ethic created during Kirk’s period with CV, who, within their nearly twenty years jointly, released as much albums and much more EPs. Kirk’s not really far behind being a single artist, splitting simply over fifty percent that total between his three ongoing tasks — Sandoz, Electronic Eyesight, and functions released under his very own name — in addition to collaborations with United kingdom DJ Bird (as Special Exorcist) and loads of singles and EPs. As the Sheffield-based Cabaret Voltaire started as an electronics-and-tape-loops clothing with apparent ties to various other British post-industrial experimentalists like Throbbing Gristle, Einsturzende Neubauten, and Stainless, the group ultimately penetrated a pop-group framework while keeping the advantage of dystopia and isolation at the primary of their previously function. Kirk’s single function has advanced along equivalent lines, although he functions even more toward integrating technology with an increase of humanitarian problems. His stylistic palette — mainly home, early techno, and ambient — as well as the addition of monitors on compilations released with the Warp label, possess pegged Kirk as an evangelist of “smart techno,” but his single function in fact comes off nearer to sample-heavy ambient home and techno. His love for African and tribal percussion and thematics connect his several works in apparent ways, and several of his albums have already been reissued domestically. [Find Also: Richard H. Kirk, Sandoz]

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