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The electro-industrial duo formed by Kevin Gould and Richard McKinlay, Electro Assassin debuted in 1991 with an album for the German Hyperium label, Jamming the Tone of voice of the World. After one extra album, the companions shifted to Britain’s Cyber-Tec Information for The Divine Invasion, that was also released in the us on Fifth Column. Gould and McKinlay also added an intermittent vocalist to broaden their range.

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Music Songs Ultra Fear, Godfear, Terminal Choice, Scum Device, Heavy Unit, Toxic Shock, The Divine Invasion, F-Zero, Anti-Pure, Cyberchrist, Soul Domination, Lethal One, Shoemaker Levy 9, Righteous Dub, Nova Mob, Big Violence, No Remorse, Quite Unusual, Haywire, Beyond Salvation, Bodyhammer, Turbo FX, A Scanner Darkly, Victim Support, Cybernation, Micro Fume, The Demolished Man, Re-infect, Infect, Total Body, Incubus, Earthsiege
Albums Jamming the Voice of the Universe, Bioculture, The Divine Invasion

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