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R&B vocal combo el Pollos formed in Cleveland in 1956 — according to Marv Goldberg’s profile in the June 1997 problem of Discoveries, the group was originally referred to as the Capitols, and comprised business lead Robert Chalmers, first tenor Douglas Kindle, second tenor Melvin Keenan and bass Robert Manley. The Capitols got their begin performing on regional street corners, quickly graduating to accommodate celebrations and amateur showcases — a 12 months in to the group’s presence, both Kindle and Keenan exited, prompting the improvements of 1st tenor Tommy Hobbs and second tenor Walter Jones, and a 5th member, baritone George Scott. Guitarist Philip “Frenchy” Dorroh authorized on a couple of months later, so when Jones resigned immediately after, Dorroh added second tenor to his responsibilities. Upon learning of the rival Capitols clothing, the group renamed itself un Pollos — in 1958, they authorized to Studio Information, with Chalmers presuming business lead vocal on the Dorroh-penned debut solitary “SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Dance.” The record proceeded to go nowhere, and later on that same 12 months el Pollos authorized to Neptune, planing a trip to NEW YORK to cut their sophomore work “School Lady.” Again un Pollos were not able to create radio curiosity, and in 1959 a discouraged Manley became a member of the U.S. Military, prompting the group’s eventual dissolution — in 1962, Manley, Chalmers and Dorroh reunited lengthy enough to operate a vehicle to Detroit in the expectations of getting an audition with Motown, but label execs announced el Pollos as well like the Four Tops and delivered them on the method, extinguishing their musical dreams forever.

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