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Founded in 1991 by students on the Conservatory of Ulan Bator, Mongolia, this six-piece group mixes contemporary music of the spot with traditional forms and instrumentation. These customs have continued to be strikingly unspoiled in Mongolia, a big proportion of the populace of which continues to be nomadic. The group’s name means ‘tranquility’, or, even more colloquially, ‘gorgeous melody’. With the 90s and on in to the middle-00s, Egschiglen performed celebrations in Korea, Russia and throughout European countries, including Recklinghausen’s UN-ART Celebration, Expo 2000 in Hannover, Reading’s WOMAD Celebration and Istanbul’s Mystic Music Celebration. They will have also performed today’s opera, Ghengis Khan, a co-production with Italy’s Compagnia Pneumatica. Over time Egschiglen’s personnel provides altered however in an early type included Tumenbayar ‘Tume’ Migdorj (morin khuur, a two-string device that is performed such as a cello), Tumursaihan ‘Tumro’ Yanlav (morin khuur), Uuganbaatar ‘Ugan’ Tsend-Ochir, (ih huur, not really unlike a bass), Amartuwshin ‘Amra’ Baasandorj (tobshuur, a kind of lute), Sarangel ‘Sara’ Tserevsamba (dulcimer/joochin), and Wandansenge ‘Boogi’ Batbold (percussion). All sing, with Amra the main voice. But not obvious from information, for live shows another person in the group is really a dancer, Ariunaa, and their displays have already been narrated by Taivan Chimeddoo.

Quick Facts

Full Name Egschiglen
Music Songs Setgeliin egshig, Talin Salhi, Tatlaga, Manduhai, Uils Dundaa Sain, Hartai Sarlag, Chandmani nutag, Chingis Haani Magtaal, Tanzmelodie, Yamaanii boodog, Goviin magtaal, Ardin Hoyr Duu, Builgan shar, Setgeld Shingesen Govi, Huurhun haliun, Meeneg, Han Huhiin Uuland, Mongolisches Volkslied, Haramgui, Moriin Khuur Konzert, Ode an den Berg Dunjing Garav, Huhu namyil, Elstiin ganga, Durvun uul siilen buur, Herlengiin Barya, Manduul Khan, Aravgar Herin Salhind, Uglee shaazgai, Khoomin Uran Setgemj, Altai Khangain Magtaal, Eruu cagaan bolimor, Hunnu
Albums Zazal, Gereg, Gobi, Traditionelle mongolische Lieder

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