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Ege Bam Yasi

b. c.1958, Edinburgh, Scotland. Mr Egg is normally a bald Scot and previous plumber who took the name for his techno procedure from a Can record. The group started as a music group back the middle-80s, touring a tacky cabaret display with on-stage S&M and a papier-mâché male organ which squirted shaving foam. Despite such antics, he constructed his popularity with some increasingly successful acid solution tracks. Included in these are the Indigestion EP (1991) and ‘Highblow’ (Groove Kissing 1991), although then-group’s career acquired first begun in the past in 1986 with ‘Situations’ on Survival. His mini-album, Ex girlfriend or boyfriend Ovo Omnia (signifying ‘everything originates from the egg’ in Latin) premiered on Finitribe’s Finiflex imprint, and included such delights as ‘The Great, The Bad AS WELL AS THE Acid’. It had been distinguished by the actual fact that all the consequences were performed live, without the usage of the sampler or DAT machine. He uses his new-found fortunes to purchase vast levels of his selected enthusiasm: eggs. He offers continued to build up his talents like a remixer for like the Fugues (‘Sensityzed’).

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