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Hailing from Vienna, Austria, the electro-acoustic free of charge improv group Efzeg made an appearance in 1999, just because the avant-garde scene there is going for a most interesting convert. As well as Dachte Musik and Polwechsel it suggested a new method of live improv predicated on silence as well as the blurring of identities and only a natural but extremely abstract group audio. The group’s manifesto claims that “Efzeg will not promise that its music is a way to obtain ‘intense enjoyment’ to listeners.” Not, nonetheless it sure tickles the human brain cells (or torture, based on your romantic relationship with experimental music). Immediately, Efzeg continues to be in the cutting-edge from the Western avant-garde music. Shaped by Viennese saxophonist Boris Hauf, Efzeg took its name from an recording he released in 1998 on Extraplatte. But that trio (with Franz Hautzinger and Bertl Mütter) offers very little to accomplish with regards to style using the quartet he come up with in 1999. He recruited guitarists Martin Siewert (with whom he performed in Draw My Daisy) and Burkhard Stangl from the minimalist songs group Polwechsel. Turntablist Dieb 13 (Dieter Kovacic) finished the development that produced its debut in Oct 1999, documenting the music because of its 1st recording Grain, released in Feb 2000 on Durian, the label of Polwechsel’s Werner Dafeldecker. Video designer Billy “Gnu” Roisz became a member of the group and live shows began to happen around Austria. In June 2001, a concert in Vienna noticed the group expand for the event to add guests Dafeldecker, Martin Zrost, John Norman, and Joe Williamson. Shows on the Batofar in Paris as well as the Podewil in Berlin boosted curiosity about the group. All associates are active with different tasks (that often consist of other musicians in the group), but another record, Boogie, finally arrived in July 2002 over the German label Grob. Its discharge was accompanied by a Western european tour.

Quick Facts

Full Name Efzeg
Music Songs intron, !Numa, wuerm, guenz dus, Schicht, Ishki, mindel ena, ribo, som, riss, Kapulanta, guenz in, Pay, Tor, exon, mindel dwa
Albums Boogie, krom, wuerm

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Efzeg tags