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Eduardo Andreozzi

Eduardo Andreozzi is some sort of long lost hyperlink in the woven string email connecting jazz and Latin music. From the ’40s it had been obvious that there will be any such thing as Latin jazz; from the ’80s it had been well proven a sort of gelatin could derive from the mixture aswell. The jazz forensic laboratory has produce Latin hints on the brand new Orleans picture, but how about a guy who, also in the first ’20s, transformed the repertoire of the Rio de Janeiro dance orchestra from Latin music to jazz? Andreozzi analyzed in Rio from 1917 through 1919, but certainly experienced American jazz edges stashed in his notebooks, and a radio providing up something apart from samba. The Odeon label prolifically documented his developing tests between 1919 and 1924, edges that someone could find if a significant earthquake churns up anything that was ever dropped in the united states of Brazil. The bandleader’s status like a pioneer was centered completely upon this radical intro of essentially international repertoire, since he didn’t perform like a soloist and also have some type of instrumental virtuosity to fall back again on to be able to travel the message house. From your mid-’20s Andreozzi started to bolster his status outdoors his homeland. He toured European countries off an on for greater than a 10 years, collaborating with bandleader Gregor Keleklian and trimming edges for Grammophon in Berlin. Trumpeter Mickey Diamond’s jewels of motivation were on screen throughout tracks such as for example “Big Bad Expenses.” The music group even had its kazoo participant, the glowing Sydney Sterling. The titles of the sidemen result in speculation that this Brazilian bandleader was in some way mixed up in trading of valuable stones aswell as producing music. He was significantly less energetic on the music picture following a Second World Battle.

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