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Eddie “One String” Jones

Generally in most blues guide books, the name Eddie Jones identifies the provided handle of the brand new Orleans guitarist better referred to as “Guitar Slender.” But this time around, we consider pause to connect what little details is available on another Eddie Jones, that one a road musician located in Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Eddie “One String” Jones was, by no stretch out from the imagination, a specialist musician. Nor, like his even more well-known namesake, was he a good guitar player. Experienced it not really been for his opportunity finding by folklorist and cultural musicologist Frederick A. Usher in Feb of 1960, it’s a fairly safe wager that no documented record of him may possibly exist. Usher is at Los Angeles’ Skid Row section on business with a co-employee when he was accosted by two panhandlers. One particular two males (Jones) was keeping a rough slice 2’x4′ plank, a homemade one-stringed device from the crudest building. After a little bit of cajoling from Usher, Jones reached into his pocket and fished out the additional two working equipment he used to create music using the table, a half-pint whiskey container to slip with along with a cautiously whittled adhere to bang the solitary string with instead of a acoustic guitar choose. The sound was natural, jangly, and chaotic, as much removed from regular slip or bottleneck methods as Usher (or other people) had have you ever heard. This is evidently a primary tie towards the African device referred to as the “diddleybow,” but Jones’ technique using the stay offered the music an otherworldly advantage, multiple tones to become derived from an individual note, and a complete departure from what most folklorists experienced previously known concerning the device. Sensing that Jones was a modern-day connect to an African talent lengthy since dissipated, Usher was bowled over and went back as fast as he could to seize his portable tape recorder. After starting up to a close by store’s electricity inside a deserted back again alley, Usher produced the very first recordings of Eddie “One String” Jones. But Jones’s lifestyle like a homeless person produced all tries by Usher to mainstream him into folk music circles a digital impossibility. “One String” was most secretive about his technique, the foundation from the device, even his provided name, which — as it happens — might have been Eddie Jones or Jessie Marshall. After arranging two more casual recording periods (among which he is apparently a no-show) and an opportunity to play for several Usher’s close friends in Hollywood, Jones slipped back to obscurity and it has eluded all modern-day blues detective function to even try to append his bio using a time of his loss of life. If there is a intimate, mystery body in blues background, Eddie “One String” Jones would definitely be near the top of the list.

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