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Eddie Morgan

Although it seems perfectly reasonable that there could be a blues musician named Eddie Morgan, the truth is the only real known usage of that name within the genre is really a phony. There have been genuine jazz horn players called Eddie Morgan, including a trombonist who documented within the Dixieland design, however the Eddie Morgan acknowledged with many blues records within the Chicago piano design did not in fact exist. The issue of who was simply in charge of building the solid “Rock and roll Home Blues,” sending an enchanting message to “My Gal Blues,” and perhaps even producing “Whoopie” is really a popular topic one of the animals who collect in the night time to discuss important boogie-woogie piano stylists. You can find two institutions of thought right here concerning who performed these piano solos, designed for perusal on a number of different piano blues compilations: the Eddie Miller theory as well as the John Oscar theory. In any case the performer getting submit was also energetic in Chicago in once period, between your past due ’20s and early ’30s. Miller was also regarded a St. Louis piano stylist and were able to snare a copyright on “I’d Rather Drink Muddy Drinking water” being a blues regular song name. Oscar filled about 50 % an egg carton with recordings under his very own name, in a method similar more than enough to Miller and/or Morgan to justify the dilemma over identities. His most well-known side is really a edition of “Mama DO NOT LET,” however the list also contains the finger-pointing “Various other Guy Blues” and fussing “Mistreatment Blues.” “Whoopie,” also called “Whoopee Mama,” is really a track from the time that is reissued under both brands Eddie Miller and Eddie Morgan. Like everything associated with this controversy, this simple truth is utilized to claim the veracity of both positions within the controversy. Motivation is continually under dialogue when Chicago piano enthusiasts try to pin down the facts of Morgan’s presence, one obvious query becoming why would somebody having a name as boring as Eddie Miller select a different one as boring as Eddie Morgan when finally obtaining a chance to make use of another name? Following a same discussion, why would somebody called John Oscar wish to utilize the name of, or find yourself puzzled with, either Miller or Morgan? Aliases such as for example these were frequently used to bypass recording agreement stipulations. Another of Oscar’s recordings, “Within the Gutter,” may represent the ultimate & most cynical touch upon the problem — that is where many performers find yourself no real matter what name they to remain the dotted collection.

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