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Eddie Morgan

By in fact existing, trombonist Eddie Morgan side-steps the controversy over simply who the blues pianist who also used this name actually was, professionals in the field at least agreeing in the actual fact that simply no such bluesman simply because Eddie Morgan in fact existed. Although it may be a significant common name, with regards to the music business the name of Eddie Morgan appears to be linked with just a few brass players, most prolific which may be the trombonist who ultimately resolved in Cincinatti, marrying and producing music with vocalist Ann Chamberlain. This trombonist turns up on in regards to a dozen recordings produced between your ’50s and ’90s. Of a substantial amount of interest through the jazz fan’s perspective are Woody Herman outings through the first 2 decades of Morgan’s profession, including live recordings. In the ’80s and ’90s Morgan was a normal person in Frank Sinatra Jr.’s music group, probably on the effectiveness of Big Daddy’s prior association with Herman. Chamberlain and Miller released the collaborative Heart’s Desire in 1999; the trombonist also turns up on many compilations culled through the Cincinatti jazz picture.

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