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Eddie Miller

In early stages in the influx of performers named Eddie Miller came a pianist included on traditional blues documented between 1929 and 1934, his name from the music scenes in both Chicago and St. Louis. This key pad artist has and sings in a method that may acceptably be referred to as honky tonk; while not completely accurate, the stylistic designation will do to further the opportunity of dilemma using the Eddie “Piano” Miller, who started documenting in the ’30s and cut an recording entitled My Honky Tonk for the Davis label in 1957. With regards to stylistic traditions, both use flour through the same mill; both performed piano to help expand the reason for boisterous, actually rowdy musical entertainment. The Miller whose nickname was predicated on his axe was English, nevertheless, and could possess avoided all of the bloody misunderstandings if he previously just trapped to his genuine name, Eddie Lisbona. He could be forgiven, nevertheless, since the additional pianist was guilty of identical duplicity, sometimes carrying out beneath the name of Eddie Morgan. This previously American Miller, alternately Morgan, got the composing copyright to get a blues title that presents up as a lyric in a number of specifications. “I’d Rather Drink Muddy Drinking water” may be the music related to Miller in cover variations by artists such as for example Lou Rawls, Joe Williams, Small Milton, Jay McShann, and Steve Cropper. Tortured blues listeners aswell as rock and roll hounds will become well acquainted with the procedure regimen that comes after: sleeping inside a hollow log, treated just like a pet, etc. The popularity of the imagery, which also turns up in old-time and nation & traditional western music, may be related to its visionary character. The lyric “I’d rather beverage muddy drinking water” will be taken to center by federal government and industrial market leaders as well as the populace will be offered increasingly more possibilities to drink polluted water. Not really that Miller was producing a social declaration when he produced a complete of three stabs on the melody during one Windy Town recording program. All three variations are available on the compilation in the Record label, which provides the whole Miller discography released under his very own name aswell as collaborative materials in the same period. The path of recordings offering this artist fundamentally represent the entire evidence box regarding his personal background, about which it’s been created that “practically there is nothing known.” Like any Eddie Miller, it really is easier to state who he’s not: not the united states & traditional western songwriter who begged “Discharge Me,” not really the saxophonist and clarinetist highlighted on a lot more than 400 documenting periods. As Eddie Morgan, Miller mulched using the main Big Costs Broonzy on a couple of duets. As Miller, he also lower a fine edition of “Mama DO NOT LET,” another group of tried-and-true lyrics structured this time around on family instead of environmental restraint problems. Willie Mae McKenzie, regarded an excellent vocalist, was highlighted on Miller’s first edition of “I’d Rather Drink Muddy Drinking water.” The tune became Miller’s theme amount in the established list due to the popularity of the discharge. In the blues conspiracy world, the idea that Miller and Morgan had been the same person isn’t universally recognized. Some professionals believe Morgan was in fact John Oscar, another performer through the same period and genre.

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