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Eddie Johnson

The name Eddie Johnson is common enough that it might be no real surprise to find an Eddie Johnson involved with virtually any endeavor within an English-speaking country. The genre of blues is usually no exclusion and actually, the name Eddie Johnson is often a bluesy sort of moniker, maybe building up anticipations that are in first not fulfilled upon analyzing the actual presence of bluesmen called Eddie Johnson. Upon representation, however, what may seem like scanty participation in the blues by people called Eddie Johnson in fact totals out to a cosmic declaration concerning the result of discographers to the total creations of each musician called Eddie Johnson that has ever joined a recording studio room: “I’m just a little CONFUSING.” Johnson, who co-wrote the second option track with vocalist Betty Wayne, will be quick to claim that it’s not really about nerdy discographers whatsoever, it concerns the most common things blues tunes are about, topics of love and raucous living that Eddie Johnson appeared to like discovering in cooperation with feminine performers. “BACKUP” was the name of an individual he cut himself in the ’50s with Edna McRaney; it could be within the encyclopedic Stompin’ series. R&B queen Koko Taylor cut a wonderful cover edition of these “I’m just a little CONFUSING.” Talking about which, this isn’t the same Eddie Johnson who performed tenor saxophone for Louis Jordan and co-wrote “Shirt Bounce.” It can seem to be the same Eddie Johnson who, being a bassist, backs up Elmore Adam on some early recordings, prompting speculation that like Adam, he might have got drifted north to Chicago in search of a recording profession.

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