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The foundation of EchoBrain began at a brilliant Dish party in 1995, when Metallica bassist Jason Newsted invited a small number of neighbors to his home to watch the overall game and jam in his house studio, referred to as “The Chophouse.” The veteran musician was impressed with an area 16-year-old jazz/funk drummer called Brian Sagrafena and both spent all of those other evening functioning through a common Tower of Power music, eventually missing the finish from the soccer video game. Sagrafena, the kid of the drummer who spent a stint in the ’70s SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA funk/soul music group Sassafras, was hardly ever a Metallica enthusiast, therefore his jam periods with rock royalty hardly ever really affected him, but his friend and musical collaborator Dylan Donkin was admittedly sweaty palmed upon conference Newsted. The three held a loose romantic relationship through the entire ’90s, with Newsted documenting a demonstration for Donkin and Sagrafena’s funk music group the Discojefes. In 1999, Sagrafena and Donkin had taken a road visit to Baja, Mexico, composing brand-new music and polishing their previous ones. If they got back towards the Expresses, they recorded a small number of brand-new music on eight-track, playing them for Newsted when he came back house from touring. The tough demos captured Newsted’s hearing and he wanted to collaborate with both, helping from bass and helping using the songwriting. IN-MAY of 2000, the trio inserted a recording studio room in North California and recorded the songs that could become their debut recording, with help from many fellow music artists, including Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, some banjo and acoustic guitar function from ex-Faith FORGET ABOUT guitarist Jim Martin, and the help of members from the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Symphony. Metallica frontman Wayne Hetfield had constantly had a floor guideline that no person in his music group was allowed to focus on part projects — the idea becoming that if among the bandmembers was placing his innovative energies toward another task, they wouldn’t end up being offering Metallica the 110-percent that he demanded. Tensions inside the group escalated, and on January 17, 2001, Newsted announced that he was departing the music group because of “personal and personal factors.” Despite veiled referrals to “the physical harm” incurred over time using the notorious music group, many suspected his departure was credited partly to Hetfield’s “around or against us” plan. EchoBrain’s live debut arrived in August of 2001 at a display of Bay Region bands, became a member of on-stage by guitarist Chris Scianni and keyboardist David Borla (of the brand new York duo Dangerman). The self-titled Chophouse/Surfdog full-length adopted in 2002, and received solid notices in the press. EchoBrain came back two years later on with Glean. Though Newsted received an exec maker credit, bass responsibilities had been bought out by vocalist Dylan Donkin’s sibling Adam Donkin. Guitarist/keyboardist Andrew Gomez also produced his debut.

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