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Echelon Knoxx

Lynwood Norris, referred to as Echelon Knoxx, strives to be always a relatable gospel rap musician by merging his values with personal encounters. Previously a secular rapper who passed the name Sonny Knoxx, Norris originally composed to reveal his life in the roads in Washington, D.C. He didn’t consider rapping significantly until after a good friend got him mixed up in church. Norris produced a religious and artistic transformation and in early 2014 authorized to the self-employed wall plug Dreams N Reach. By the finish of the entire year, he previously released his debut, Publication of Knoxx. A sequel, released in 2015, presented “Cement Roses,” a narrative concerning a woman’s determination that was performed on D.C. “metropolitan gospel” train station WPRS. Platinum, a seven-track EP, adopted in early 2016.

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