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Eastern Youngsters appeared in 1989, forming in Japan with vocalist/guitarist Hisashi Yoshino, drummer Atsuya Tamori, and bassist Mitsuhashi. The three dropped in to the so-called “music group increase” of the first ’90s, as soon as Mitsuhashi still left and Tomokazu Ninomiya had taken his place, the music group became a significant force in japan emo picture. They found the U.S. with On the Get In in 2000 and come up with a split Compact disc with Cursive in 2002.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Corrected Eyesight: 0.6, Make for the Waste Land, East end land, DON QUIJOTE, The Overpowered, Bura Bura Bushi
Albums ???????, What You Can See From Your Place, Blowing from the Other Side of the Earth, DON QUIJOTE, 365-Step Blues, East End Land, 8 Teeth to Eat You, 1996-2001, 2001-2006

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