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The San Diego-based stoner rock trio Earthless feature the talents of Nebula guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, Electric powered Nazarene bass player Mike Eginton, and Hot Snakes/Clikitat Ikatowi drummer Mario Rubalcaba (who also used Rocket through the Crypt beneath the alias Ruby Mars). The band’s debut, a assortment of jam-heavy instrumentals entitled Sonic Prayer, premiered for the Gravity label in 2005. It had been adopted in 2007 by Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky, which designated the band’s 1st launch for Tee Pee Information. Live at Roadburn made an appearance the following yr, showcasing the band’s power like a live act.

Quick Facts

Full Name Earthless
Music Songs Lost in the Cold Sun, Jull, Cherry Red, Violence of the Red Sea, Uluru Rock, Sonic Prayer, Equus October, Acid Crusher, Flower Travelin’ Man, Godspeed, From the Ages, Living in the Cosmic Nod, Godspeed/Sonic Prayer, Blue/From The Ages, Demon Lady, Paradise in a Purple Sky, The Can Jam, Quest for Satori/Sonic Prayer, Hawkwind, Come On, Paradise in a Purple Sky, Part II, Red, Paradise in a Purple Sky, Part III, Earthless 10th Anniversary Jam, Part 1, Earthless 10th Anniversary Jam, Part 2, Paradise in a Purple Sky, Part IV
Albums In a Dutch Haze, From the Ages, Live at Roadburn, Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky, Sonic Prayer

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