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Dymaxion was the brand new York-based post-rock task of Jeremy Novak and Claudia Newell, who have specialized in fusing playful audio collages with live instrumentation. They often times distributed Stereolab’s retro-futurist obsessions, sampling older sound-effects LPs, robotic voices, and a range of classic electronics. The majority of their tracks had been underpinned by cool, off-kilter drum loops, and lent the fragmentary songwriting visual of indie rockers like Considering Fellers Union Regional 282 and, by expansion, toon experimenters Carl Stalling and Raymond Scott. In concert, a live music group generally replicated the abrupt twists and becomes created within the recordings via tape splicing. To the blend, Novak and Newell frequently added unusual dialogue examples, twangy spy-soundtrack acoustic guitar, and clanging post-punk (a la the Fall or Swell Maps). The outcomes were often much like digital eccentrics like Matmos, Pram, or Share, Hausen & Walkman, with ideas of electro-acoustic post-rockers prefer to Rococo Rot. Novak and Newell initial met up as Dymaxion in 1995. Their first recordings had been self-released cassettes, that have been accompanied by a succession of EPs on several indie brands. The initial, Aha, Sissy Arsonist, was a four-song work for the U.K.-structured Hemiola label, and appeared in 1995. It had been followed a calendar year afterwards by another four-songer, The Critic’s Darling, for Roomtone, that was in turn accompanied by the three-song Verfremdungseffekt for Vesuvius. These produces helped build an underground pursuing for the music group, and their following EP, Make use of Once and Destroy, made an appearance on Stereolab’s very own Duophonic imprint in 1998. Novak and Newell performed live within a quartet lineup using a moving supporting ensemble that ultimately included the well-traveled Jim Abramson (Autobody, Take a flight Ashtray, etc.) on drums. Dymaxion — in the individual of Jeremy Novak — following collaborated with Japanese pop superstar Takako Minekawa on four music on her behalf 2000 EP Maxi On!. In 2001, Dymaxion’s four EPs — plus two compilation monitors trim for Dark Dearest Cloud, and a live documenting — were put together onto the group’s initial full-length discharge, Dymaxion x 4 + 3 = 38:33. It had been released in the U.S. by Roomtone, in the U.K. and European countries by Duophonic, and in Japan by Shibuya-kei celebrity Cornelius’ Trattoria label. After its launch, Dymaxion returned with their customary EP file format with another work for Roomtone, Intonarumori.

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