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Düs Sokagi Sakinleri

Düs Sokagi Sakinleri were an acoustic music group shaped in 1993 in Turkey by founding people Murat Yilmazyildirim (given birth to Might 9, 1964) and Murat Çelik (given birth to March 4, 1965). Existing just through the ’90s, the duo mainly appealed to a teenage viewers. Their intimate music — that was never created for live shows — decorated marvelous, mature, childish, dark, and sorrowful music with generally symbolic lyrics. Initial called Düs Sokagi (Fantasy Road) by Yilmazyildirim and afterwards transformed to Düs Sokagi Sakinleri (which approximately means “the Dwellers from the Fantasy Road”), the music group obviously constructed many tracks across the theme of dreams. Their debut record, Düs Sokagi, premiered in 1993. Merging poetic lyrics with gentle electric guitar shades, the dark audio from the debut record was immediately distinguishable among many various other recordings of its period. Many catchy choruses and unexpectedly shiny moments managed to get not only a significant outing for enough time, but also a standout for the band’s very own profession. “Sevdan Bir Ates,” “Hoscakal,” “Al Beni Yar,” “Düs Sokagi Sakinleri,” and “Seni Tanimayan Yok Bu Sehirde” remain favorites among heartbroken music enthusiasts. It might be four years prior to the duo’s second record, Yasadikca, premiered. Yasadikca revealed hook modification in the group’s chemistry, as the tracks were darker, more challenging to strategy for listeners, and missing noticeable high factors. Though it was apparent that both songwriters were attempting to boost their sound with an increase of varied components, using different devices, string plans, and dreamlike vocal designs, the recording was mostly undetected from the mainstream target audience. Before the following installment in Düs Sokagi Sakinleri’s background, the two mind of the music group released their personal single albums, and had been already showing indicators of different musical suggestions. Çelik was interested in playing his acoustic guitar, while Yilmazyildirim published even more of his dreamlike lyrics. Much less successful independently as they have been like a music group, both released Üc (Three) in 1999. Kicking away with a restored version of the former strike (“Sevdan Bir Ates”), the recording nevertheless didn’t create a fresh hit, even though eight-minute-long recording nearer, “Veremem Sana Acimi,” was a good farewell with their followers. Üc ended up being the finish of Düs Sokagi Sakinleri. After announcing their break up in 1999, Yilmazyildirim and Çelik continuing their solo professions, touring and liberating albums but still playing Düs Sokagi Sakinleri tunes throughout their live shows. Gaining recognition like a article writer, Çelik authored a book and assortment of poems, both which have been released. A Düs Sokagi Sakinleri best-of compilation entitled En Guzel Dusler premiered in 2008.

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