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The oddball indie-funk collective Dub Narcotic AUDIO SYSTEM was spearheaded by vocalist Calvin Johnson, the former frontman from the renowned Beat Happening along with the founder from the famed K Information label. Named honoring Johnson’s very own Olympia, WA-based cellar studio room Dub Narcotic, the task was started in 1994 using a rapid-fire group of funk-, rap-, and reggae-influenced singles including “Bite,” “Fuck Shit Up,” “Booty Operate,” and “Shake-a-Puddin'”; from the outset Johnson was the group’s singular continuous member, although during the period of following releases, like the EPs Industrial Break down, Ridin’ Shotgun, and Dispatch to Shoreline, the revolving lineup grew to add Olympia scenesters like Lois Maffeo in addition to Larry Butler, Todd Ranslow, and Brian Weber, all three people from the hip-hop device Dead Presidents. The very first Dub Narcotic AUDIO SYSTEM full-length, Tempo Record, Vol. One: Echoes Through the Scene Control Area, made an appearance in 1995; afterwards initiatives included 1996’s Shoe Party and 1998’s Away from YOUR BRAIN. Sideways Spirit, a cooperation with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, implemented in 1999.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Sideways Soul, Out of Your Mind, Ship to Shore, Shake a Puddin, Fudgy the Whale, Basemess, Banana Version, Monkey Hips and Rice, Industrial Breakdown, Fuck Shit Up, Dub Narcotic, Boot Party, Super Dub Narcotic, Banana Meltdown, Ridin Shotgun, Love Ain't on the Run, Calvin's on a Bummer, Teenage Time Bomb, Handclappin', Frosty Junction, Bone Dry, Sabley Goodness, Bunny Echo, Shock Mount, Typecast Sanction, Fuck Me Up, King Harvester, Echo Control, Revolution Inclusion, Chicken Legs, Wicked Bad, Sounds Narcotic
Albums Boot Party, Degenerate Introduction, Out of Your Mind, Dub Narcotic Sound System meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in a Dancehall Style!, Rhythm Record, Volume One: Echoes From the Scene Control Room, Sideways Soul, Handclappin', Bone Dry, Ridin Shotgun, Ridin' Shotgun, Ship to Shore, Handclappin' EP, Industrial Breakdown

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