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Drop Nineteens

Boston, MA’s the Drop Nineteens had been among America’s efforts to England’s shoegazer motion. In the past due ’80s and early ’90s, the U.K. dropped beneath the spell of youthful rings that stared blankly at the bottom while they performed levels of blurry, dissonant riffs with timid vocals that faded in and from the combine. Taking inspiration in the genre’s most celebrated symbols, My Bloody Valentine and Lush, the Drop Nineteens instantly penetrated college-radio airwaves using their 1992 debut record, Delaware. Produced by Greg Ackell (vocals, electric guitar), Paula Kelley (vocals, electric guitar), Steve Zimmerman (bass), and Motohiro Yasue (electric guitar), the Drop Nineteens had been also informed with the loud-soft formulation of fellow Bostonians the Pixies. The group was welcomed with a crucial buzz that raised these to next-big-thing position, nonetheless it was another music group on Caroline Information, the Smashing Pumpkins, that finished up near the top of the pops. (And in addition, the Drop Nineteens acquired a larger pursuing in shoegazer-loving Britain.) Unhappy using the group, Kelley still left the Drop Nineteens in 1993, and she was changed by Megan Gilbert (vocals, electric guitar). Quickly thereafter, the Drop Nineteens released their second full-length, Country wide Coma, and split up in 1994. Kelley afterwards led Hot Fishing rod and Boy Question.

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