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Rising out of Lancashire, England, where they initially produced in 1978 as Heavy Thunder, then Slayer, the group that could become Dragonslayer began like the majority of future New Wave of British ROCK hopefuls: by shunning the escalating punk rock and roll scene to pay music by their true heroes Black colored Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Uriah Heep. And, not really unlike other, likewise fledgling NWOBHM serves of that time period, including Diamond Mind, Angel Witch, and, you will want to, Iron Maiden, the original lineup of vocalist Dave Walker, guitarist Phil Odins, bassist Steve Morgan, and drummer Gary Walker also encountered widespread indifference throughout their initial few pub shows, before their quantities became too big to disregard toward the finish of 1979. But as the aforementioned rings started getting major-label deals at the moment, Dragonslayer (today with brand-new vocalist Tony Mamwell and drummer Bob Carol) had been still focusing on demos seen as a fantasy-laced metal beneath the Slayer name, but achieving little else. Even so, by early 1984 the quartet (offering another different drummer called Dave Phillips) could financing and self-release a three-track EP entitled I Want YOUR DAILY LIFE, which, after becoming slapped with an urgently produced sticker in order to avoid any misunderstandings with the increasing American thrash combo referred to as Slayer, noticed Dragonslayer finally reinvented therefore. Unfortunately, the EP reached just the most common metal-loving suspects (typically via mail-order advertisements in Kerrang! and additional scene-targeted mags), and despite heading on to turn into a extremely sought-after collector’s item, captivated only minor, eventually fruitless interest from prospective brands. So, getting themselves baffled for other available choices, Dragonslayer returned to the business enterprise of documenting demos, re-emerging in 1985 with a fresh seven-track selection showcasing a somewhat more accessible rock design in the Maiden/Saxon range. Also, that they had become therefore needlessly enthusiastic about gaining a live extravaganza, specifically in larger locations able to support their light rig and unique results, that they efficiently costed themselves out of their practical concert venues. At this time, bassist Morgan determined he’d had plenty of (he was changed by one Marc Webb), so that as the ’80s used on and music preferences altered, desperation actually set in. Your final lifeline was solid Dragonslayer’s method in 1986 when Ebony Information featured their most recent composition, “Rock and roll the air,” using one of their regular compilations, however the song’s name alone gave proof the group’s shameful surrender to industrial hard rock and roll (completed with a greatest overlooked Mötley Crüe makeover), as well as the lads finally determined that their dragon-slaying times were over the next year.

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