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Dr. Smith’s Champion Hoss Hair Pullers

This strange sounding unit was the brainchild of the devoted, if somewhat eccentric man namely Henry Harlin Smith (b. 16 Might 1881, Springtime Creek, near Calico Rock and roll, Arkansas, USA, d. 14 Oct 1931). Smith, a professional doctor, resided in Springtime Creek and produced his living being a cosmetic surgeon for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. An enthusiastic naturalist, he was often despondent that his geographic area and the neighborhood music artists under no circumstances received the promotion he reckoned they deserved and made a decision to discover what he could perform to help relieve the problem. He previously an idea to get a musical talent competition and in January 1926, he organized a fiddle competition at the bigger community of Calico Rock and roll, some three mls from his house. Following the event he organised his Hoss-Hair Pullers from the many winners (attaining the name through the horsehair in the fiddle bows) and in addition created a vocal group to aid the fiddlers, which he known as the Hill-Billy Quartet. After finding a theater at Warm Springs for a number of concerts, he been successful in obtaining radio focus on the effective KTHS Warm Springs train station in March 1926. This lasted until Dec that 12 months when the lengthy (180-mile) outings to Warm Springs proved an excessive amount of for the users. They performed nearer house for local occasions and dances and in addition for the railroad’s features and in Sept 1926, they documented six edges for Victor Information in Memphis. The information sold well within their geographic area but received small distribution or promotion somewhere else. They finally disbanded in 1930. The line-up generally presented only eight users but changed frequently as so when numerous members were obtainable. It really is reported that in every there have been 13 music artists open to Dr Smith, who by no means performed in the music group himself. He kept additional contests and winners had been often directed at chance to try out using the Hoss-Hair Pullers. Regular music artists included fiddlers Bryan Lackey, Wayne Duncan, Owen Hunt, W. McLeary (who also performed acoustic guitar), Luther Walker, and George Dillard plus Leeman Bone tissue (acoustic guitar/vocals) and Ray Marshall (mandolin). The vocal group presented Grayton Bone tissue, Roosevelt Garner, Hubert Simmons and Homer and Odie Goatcher. When the enthusiastic Dr. Smith was traveling to Little Rock and roll on 14 Oct 1931, he experienced a cerebral haemorrhage and passed away. Two from the music group’s six edges ‘Where The Irish Potatoes Grow’ and ‘Heading Down The River’ had been included on State Records’Echoes FROM THE Ozarks Quantity 2.

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