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Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister

Among Nigeria’s best-known vocalist/songwriters, Key Doctor Sikiru Ayinde Barrister (given birth to: Sikiru Ayinde) offers played an important function in the progression from the music of his homeland. The first choice of the 25-piece music group, the Supreme Fuji Commanders, and a smaller sized group, the Africa Musical International Ambassadors, Barrister provides stayed among the leading purveyors of fuji, a thrilling, amplified dance music merging juju, apala, and traditional Yoruban blues that he presented in the past due-’70s. Barrister continues to be singing the majority of his lifestyle. By age ten, he previously mastered a complicated, Yoruban vocal design that was typically performed through the holy month of Ramadan. Although he briefly went to a Muslim college, Yaba Polytechnic, in 1961, economic difficulties avoided him from carrying on. Leaving college, he found work being a stenographer. Through the Civil Battle that swept through Nigeria between 1967 and 1970, he offered in the Military. Signed from the Nigeria-based Africa Tunes, Ltd. label, Barrister documented many groundbreaking singles through the 1970s and ’80s. Along with his heartfelt vocals arranged to a rhythmic mixture of speaking drums, claves, bells, shekere, drum arranged, and Hawaiian-style acoustic guitar, he laid the building blocks for fuji, which he called after Mt. Fuji, japan mountain of like. The style continues to be referred to as “juju with no guitars” and a “percussion discussion.” The web site www.rootsandrhythm.com described it all like a “broadband assault by 12 crazy percussionists.” Barrister renamed the musical design “Fuji garbage” in 2000.

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