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Dr. Dolby Ray

Through his eponymous noise-reduction units, Dolby produced the main technical contribution towards the success from the tape cassette. From 1949 he was utilized by Ampex on sound reduction programmes and researched physics in London, Britain. After employed in India for a few years, Dolby opened up a lab in London in 1965, offering his preliminary A-type system, created for documenting studios, to Decca Information as well as others. His study on reducing tape hiss for the 8-monitor cartridge as well as the cassette led to the B-type program in 1971. Within a year almost every main cassette producer was using this technique, although Philips Information kept out for a couple of years before transforming. In 1978, Dolby’s invention was modified for the movie theater and Celebrity Wars was the 1st movie to possess its soundtrack improved from the noise-reduction technique. This technique was improved for digital audio in 1991. Therefore jealously guarded was the Dolby name that in 1987 Dolby Laboratories sued the musician/maker Thomas Dolby (b. Thomas Morgan Robertson) for copyright infringement. Robertson decided to ‘permit’ the name from Ray Dolby’s organization.

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