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Don Overberg

This jazz guitarist was credited as Don Overburg on several albums made early in his career, when he appeared young enough to become handed a bag of chips should he reach the entranceway on Halloween eve. When he passed away in NEVADA at age 66, he previously been portion of rings that played within the Remove for a lot more than 30 years, an event that drained aside his health aswell as his younger appears. His obituary in the NEVADA papers spelled his last name Overberg. Like a musician of any type offers unwavering respect for the ultimate pub, this spelling will be looked at even more accurate than anything found from the frequently mistake-prone globe of recording liner records. The guitarist found Vegas in the past due ’50s, searching for differ from Los Angeles. He could have already been big in Vegas till your day he passed away had the town not replaced the majority of its live players with taped music following the feared musicians’ hit of 1989. Until then, he previously backed all of the expected NEVADA headliners: Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, B.B. Ruler, Wayne Newton, Paul Anka, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Tina Turner, and Elvis Presley included in this. He worked well as musical conductor and arranger for just one of the best jazz singers of these all, Julie London. He left out at least one record of absolutely outstanding jazz improvisation, the 1962 Vegas gig with Warne Marsh that ultimately came out in the Nude Town imprint. The guitarist started playing skillfully when he was ten, which is approximately how previous he appears on leading cover of his record with Harry Babasin & the Jazzpickers. At that time, he previously become among the hotter guitarists in the LA jazz picture. The only issue about that, nevertheless, was that by enough time the past due ’50s rolled around, this currently tiny picture was shrinking even more. His previous bandleader Babasin, an innovator in jazz cello and bossa nova, continuing to collaborate using the guitarist on self-produced recordings for his or her personal Nocturne label, including a cooperation with the forgotten trombonist Herbie Harper. The relocation to NEVADA represented a leap in income aswell as better working circumstances, at least for awhile. The guitarist also toiled like a instructor with a large number of personal students and carried out a junior jazz music group. In his last years, he spent a lot of his time composing and composing music.

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