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Albert Dominique, the nephew of illustrious New Orleans jazz story Natty Dominique, changed his name to Don Albert and also had as very much regarding the Tx jazz picture picture seeing that he did using the property of swamps and gumbo. non-etheless, a few records in one of his solos or business lead parts will more often than not bear the track of the first years he spent in his hometown parade rings, prior to striking the street for the very first time with Trent’s NUMBER 2 Music group. In 1926, he was playing as an adolescent in Troy Floyd’s Music group on the Shadowland Ballroom in San Antonio, a picture that dripped with atmosphere. For another 3 years this is the trumpeter’s milieu, playing big-band music using a defeat identical parts New Orleans and Kansas Town, and burning a number of blues performers at recording periods — everything performed in his brand-new professional identification of Don Albert. Floyd, who highlighted the trumpeter on instrumentals such as for example “Shadowland Blues” and “Dreamland Blues,” was evidently the main one who recommended the name modification. In the close from the 10 years Albert headed house, the idea becoming to discover players to enlist inside a music group under his personal management. The Dallas Condition Good of 1929 ended up being the debut location for the brand new Don Albert music group which includes been considered a significant territory music group despite the fact that the group’s touring plan must have led to postcards significantly afield from anybody particular American area. Albert’s music group toured the east coastline as well as shuffled off to Buffalo for engagements. By about 1932, the suspicion was that the first choice had dropped his chops, as Albert started to concentrate exclusively on directing and hardly ever blew his trumpet any longer. Still, the group toured thoroughly, including times in Mexico and Canada. Many newspapers claimed this is “the best swing music group in the country” but are just eight recorded tracks with which pundits can claim this case. Typically the most popular with record purchasers were a set of 78s offering the wealthy “Sheik of Araby” supported with the unpleasant “YOU DO NOT Like Me,” and a sweet “Liza” backed having a encouraging “Tomorrow.” Between 1937 and 1939, Albert canned the group like a a reaction to the downturn, remaining between Houston and San Antonio for different engagements. Within this period he became a civil provider worker at Duncan Field in San Antonio. This is accompanied by positions owning a nightclub and blowing trumpet in Unwanted fat Martin’s house music group. In 1942 Albert proved helpful as an area promoter for vacationing rings and briefly re-formed his very own. Several years afterwards he opened up his own membership called Don’s Keyhole in San Antonio and started bringing in nationwide jazz acts. He’d greet customers because they arrived and in addition proved helpful as an emcee, occasionally sitting along with rings on trumpet. His membership was integrated, never regular for San Antonio and undoubtedly grounds for the town fathers to shut it down on Apr Fool’s Time, 1948. That was it for Albert: he going back again to New Orleans where he bought and opened up another membership. Albert put groupings jointly if the engagement was correct during the following 10 years, and acquired a longish stint on the Palace Theater in NEW YORK in the springtime of 1949. He resolved in the Alamo town through the ’50s and ’60s, playing part-time but using the time-and-a-half interest that he previously gained. In 1962, he cut some well-received edges in New Orleans, and in addition worked on documenting projects using the Alamo Town Jazz Music group. Albert performed on the 1969 New Orleans Jazz Celebration. He passed away of kidney failing in San Antonio.

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