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Dominique Grimaud

An avant-garde musician, multi-instrumentalist, writer, and performer of French origins, Dominique Grimaud (sometimes referred to as “Grimo”) produced his initial waves as an associate of Camizole, an organization that formed in 1970 and released its exclusive saving in 1977. Following that, Grimaud continued to create the experimental duo Vidéo Aventures with Monique Alba in 1978. That pairing released three functions, before Grimaud shifted concentrate and spent an excellent area of the ’90s dealing with the group Peach Cobbler. Furthermore to his single work, Grimaud in addition has proved helpful and performed with Guigou Chenevier and Gilbert Artman, in addition to having added to musical publications and authored his very own books. His 1999 audiovisual set up work Slide produced several performances in France. In 2008, Grimaud released the Local American tribute Compact disc Les Quatre Directions.

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