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Domenico De Clario


Pianist Domenico De Clario produced his name in quite a unique method: “blind” concerts. He’d set up a predicament where he’d end up being blindfolded and compelled to try out the piano for an extremely long time frame. Many of these displays got hours, and he never really had any kind of musical prompting or rehearsals before his shows. The tale of his concerts grew, until finally an professional found out about the pianist and examined it out for himself. Convinced that De Clario would make a distinctive addition to any record label, he agreed upon him to Nonplace, which released Shaker Street in the summertime of 2002.

Quick Facts

Full Name Domenico De Clario
Music Songs June 5, June 11, June 30, June 1, June 19, Shaker Road, Quit Existing, June 30 2
Albums Shaker Road: Quit Existing

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