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Doctor West’s Medicine Show and Jug Band

Founded in LA, California, USA, General practitioner West’s Medicine Display And Jug Strap had been led by former Boston-based folk singer, Norman Greenbaum. Bonnie Wallach (acoustic guitar/vocals), Jack port Carrington (acoustic guitar/vocals/percussion) and Evan Engber (percussion) finished the initial line-up. The group performed an assortment of jug and goodtime music just like Sopwith Camel. They liked a US strike in 1967 using the novelty music, ‘The Eggplant That Ate Chicago’ and fascinated interest for the name of its follow-up, ‘Gondoliers, Overseers, Playboys And Bums’. They split up by the end of that yr and Greenbaum formed many low-key works before teaming with maker Erik Jacobsen and rating international achievement with ‘Nature In The Sky’.

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