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Djur Djura


Djura is situated in Paris (like a best-selling writer and film-maker) although her child years house was Algeria. Her 22-piece music group mixes traditional Berber folk melodies with her poetry regarding the struggle of ladies in oppressive societies.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Uni-Vers-Elles, Muh n Muh, Derya U Mazir, A Nanna, Urar, A Wi Cur, El Qerh, Djouhera, A WI Rohen, Kahina "Reine Des Berbères", Alger La Blanche, Habbu, A Mmi, Igwerdan Ad Ddun Yidi, Nura, Imezyanen, Mrehba Yissem a Taqcict, Taninna, Azemmour, Ay Arrac n Jrejra, Amelyun, Taqbaylit, D Nek Umi Qqaren Tamettut, Ayen Ttarur, Macci T-Tarawsa, Fsi Net Ak-K Srerset, Tawerla, A Baba, L'étranger, Felli D Ttlma, Iri, Berceuse
Albums Asirem, Uni-Vers-Elles, Printemps

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