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The Indonesian music group Discus was formed in 1996 by Iwan Hasan (lead vocals, guitar, harpguitar, Balinese rindik, electronic percussion), Anto Praboe (wind instruments), Eko Partitur (violin and electronics), Fadhil Indra (keyboards, vocals), Hayunaji (drums and electronic percussion), Kiki Caloh (bass), Krisna Prameswara (keyboards), and Nonnie (lead vocals). The group founded themselves like a progressive rock-band with strong affects in jazz, avant-garde traditional, and traditional Indonesian music. The music group released their debut recording, 1st, in 1999, which discovered the music group sounding alternately like from Weather Are accountable to Red Floyd, recording rock, pop, prog rock and roll, and dissonant avant-garde figures.

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