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Because they hardly ever play live, avoid photos and other styles of picture mongering, and coating their produces with cryptic recommendations, the grindcore music group Discordance Axis remains to be a little bit of an enigma. What’s known is usually that they created in NJ in 1991 and show a lineup of vocalist Jon Chang, guitarist Rob Marton, and drummer Dave Witte, the second option having used a great many other rings including Atomsmasher, Human being Remains, Black Military Coat, and Burnt by sunlight. Discordance Axis released their 1st full-length LP, Ulterior, in 1995 around the Devour label, accompanied by Jouhou in 1997. Throughout their profession, the band in addition has create several hard-to-find 7″s, including break up produces with Melt-Banana, Def Grasp, Plutocracy, and Capitalist Casualties. The 1998 Compact disc Original Sound Version 1992-1995 compiles all the official releases using their early years alongside several unreleased songs, while 1998’s Jouhou 2.0 CD gathers their post-1995 non-LP monitors with the articles of the initial Jouhou discharge. Their third Compact disc/LP, the inventively packed The Inalienable Dreamless, arrived on Hydrahead Information and received a highly advantageous response among grindcore/sound supporters. Infamous Japanese sound artist Merzbow come up with a 17-minute remix from the album, that your band offered as a free of charge MP3 download on the internet site, www.studio-grey.com/da/.

Quick Facts

Full Name Discordance Axis
Music Songs Castration Rite, Oratorio in Grey, The Inalienable Dreamless, Radiant Arkham, The Necropolitan, Vacuum Sleeve, Angel Present, Sound Out the Braille, Compiling Autumn, The Third Children, The End of Rebirth, Vertigo Index, Information Sniper, Aperture of Pinholes, Pattern Blue, A Crack in the Cataracts, Come Apart Together, Come Together Alone, Carcass Lottery, Ruin Trajectory, A Leaden Stride to Nowhere, A Broken Tomorrow, Rain Perimeter, Ashtray Ballpoint, Mimetic, Junk Utopia, Amnesia Ceiling, Eye Gag, Mind Seduction Aftermath, Area Trinity, Damage Style, Sega Bass Fishing, Ikaruga
Albums The Inalienable Dreamless, Jouhou, Original Sound Version, Ulterior, Our Last Day, Discordance Axis / Corrupted / 324, Melt-Banana / Discordance Axis, Capitalist Casualties / Man is the Bastard, Def.Master / Discordance Axis, Discordance Axis / Plutocracy Split EP

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