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Not to end up being confused with the 1960s group the Defenders, Defender is much metal task of Western bassist/guitarist Philip Von Segebaden. The task got underway in 1994, that was the entire year when a music group that Von Segebaden have been an integral part of, Afflicted, split up. Shaped in the first 1990s, Afflicted began playing underground loss of life metallic but, in 1992, shifted gears and began embracing a far more melodic design of dream metal such as Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Manowar. Following its second recording, 1994’s Dawn of Glory on Massacre, Afflicted broke up–thus providing Von Segebaden time and energy to pursue a task of his personal. Though he began writing tracks for Defender in 1994, it wasn’t until 1999’s They Arrived Over The Large Spread Necropolis that Defender finally got around to documenting a CD. For this record, Von Segebaden recruited drummer Peter Nagy and previous Afflicted vocalist Michael truck de Graaf. Defender is not a full-time task for Von Segebaden–the 1990s also discovered the flexible metalhead playing bass using the speed metal music group Cranium.

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