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Death of Marat

Presumably named after a painting simply by 18th century painter Jacques-Louis David, Death of Marat formed being a three-piece in Arizona in 2000. Drummer and vocalist Jef Wright, bassist John Brandon, and guitarist Mike Juliano gelled right away. Their debut discharge, Shattered, premiered on Boulder, Colorado’s Satellite television Transmissions Records afterwards that season, the band’s intensifying and artsy make of prog-fueled punk was instant right away. Occasionally sloppy and off-kilter, but often extreme, the band’s churning sound instantly impressed. The short, 27-minute disk quickly drew the music group evaluations to Fugazi and Unwound, using their clattering instrumentation and all-over-the-map vocals. All Eye Open premiered in 2 yrs down the road Stickfigure Records. Once again, the band’s post-hardcore audio was blended with their smooth blending from tune to song, plus they created an extraordinary environment for themselves and their followers to vent musically.

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