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David Morley

Although producer David Morley continues to be involved in a variety of recording tasks, encompassing trance and techno along with the even more ambient and “smart” offshoots thereof, his work continues to be marked by way of a constant experimentalism, earning him a reputation being a compositional innovator among producers, DJs, and house listeners around the world. Born and elevated in Britain, Morley’s name is certainly most often from the Belgian techno picture, primarily because of early R&S produces as Range, TZ4, and under his very own name which helped to solidify the label’s nascent audio. Spectrum’s “Brazil,” documented with R&S owner Renaat Vandepapeliere, was a visionary fusion of dancefloor techno/trance and ambient/experimental strains that helped acquire R&S its association as a significant force on the fore of Western european dance music. Morley, as well as Outlander’s Marcos Salon, was also behind the 4th discharge (referred to as TZ4) in R&S’ Check Zone series, a significant signpost in R&S’ early advancement. In 1994, Morley released his initial two EPs under his very own name — “Progression” (the very first discharge on R&S sublabel Apollo) and “Shuttle” (on R&S-proper) — both exploratory ambient/electro classics that sit down neatly close to the functions of such performers as Biosphere, Aphex Twin, and Higher Cleverness Company as early types of ambient/cleverness techno. Recently, Morley provides released more and more dark and textural functions, both single and in conjunction with former Inky Blacknuss collaborator/current Mo’Wax signee Andrea Parker. As well as the pair’s Infonet EP Angular Artwork (1995), Morley and Parker documented the Too Great to Be Unusual EP (Apollo, 1995) beneath the name Two Sandwiches Lacking a Lunchbox, in addition to contributed monitors to R&S ambient sublabel Apollo’s second label comp The Divine Compilation. Morley’s debut full-length, Tilted, made an appearance on Apollo in 1998.

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