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David Devant & His Spirit Wife

This London-based band was formed in 1991, taking their name in the stage show of a long-forgotten Victorian magician (singer ‘The Vessel’ claiming to become Devant’s earthly mouthpiece). Their very own brand of live show art owed an identical debt towards the visual design of the music-hall period, featuring mirrors, cup containers, carrot graters (on ‘Ginger’) and line-drawing. Fronted by Vessel, and offering ex-Monochrome Established guitarist Foz?, the music group established themselves simply because an entertaining live action. Nevertheless, their debut record highlighted the disadvantages of their extremely visual live charm, with the music group’s sub-glam rock and roll and Vessel’s sub-Bowie vocal posturings attempting to make an identification for such live favourites as ‘Last Ever Pop Melody’ and ‘This IS PERFECT FOR Real’. Attempting to get over their reputation like a novelty work, the music group left Rhythm Ruler to create their personal Kindness label, which they released the amazing Shiney INSIDE.

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