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Dave Sleger

Dave Sleger is normally a freelance article writer from Western Allis, Wisconsin whose evaluations lately possess appeared in the Uk publication Rock and roll ‘n’ Reel and the web journal CelticMusic.com. He also created jazz album evaluations for radio in 1985 known as Jazz Waves. Sleger spent about 15 years like a radio announcer before departing that field by the end of 1998. His radio encounter included a varied spectral range of music from folk, jazz, traditional, and alternative rock and roll in the first ’80s to nation music in the middle-’80s and lastly pop, gospel, and ethno-folk-pop music through the entire late ’80s as well as the 1990s. Sleger offers enjoyed modern folk and folk-rock music dating back again to the middle-’70s when, as a teenager, he appreciated performers like Horslips, Steeleye Period, and Fairport Convention. It really is from these formative leanings in folk-rock that this content of his current evaluations in AMG is situated. ~ Dave Sleger Desert Isle List: Bushwackers – UP TO NOW, 1974-1994 Fiddler’s Green – Ruler Shepherd Garmarna – God’s Music artists Mark Noticed – Dry Bone fragments Dance – Fingerprint Hedningarna – Kaksi! Horslips – Pleased to Satisfy, Sorry to Component Legen/Lidija Bajuk/Dunja Knebl – Ethno Ambient Live: Archaic Music from Croatia Oysterband – Holy Bandits Paddy Would go to Holyhead – Prepared for Paddy? Paddy Would go to Holyhead – E&OE Pogues – Rum, Sodomy & the Lash Reptile Palace Orchestra – Iguana Iguana Noticed Doctors – Completely From Tuam The Shanes – Music in the Urban Nation Hell The Shanes – Polka Hard – Unusual Methods Sharon Shannon – Each Small Thing Steeleye Period – Rocket Cottage Te Vaka – Ki Mua Whisky Priests – Think that Positive Whisky Priests – Life’s Tapestry

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