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Dave Peyton

There’s irony as large as a completely stuffed sack of laundry within the career of pianist, arranger and songwriter Dave Peyton. Here’s an musician who quit in the music business within the ’50s, despite having co-written many enormous hits like the regular “I Ain’t Got No one.” Decreasing irony is based on the actual fact that his home based business was a dried out washing establishment, the reasonable choice for a new player whose professional profession began inside a trio led by way of a reed player called Wilbur Sweatman. Furthermore, among Peyton’s musically related businesses before the ’50s was toiling like a so-called music service provider, a person who instead of leading bands just supplies the music artists necessary for gigs to whomever connections him. This romantic relationship would surely place the service provider in sniffing range of any filthy laundry a musician occurred to have, a minimum of professionally speaking. Talking about which, Peyton’s romantic relationship with Sweatman started in 1908 and lasted four years, and the pianist started leading his personal groups at some locations in Chicago. Through the ’30s, Peyton was responsible for a little orchestra keeping forth in the Regal Theatre. Within the leaner instances — which unquestionably resulted in his decision to toss in using the clean — he was much more likely to gig like a single pianist. One of is own last main bookings with this capability was because the home pianist in Chicago’s amusing Place O’ Fun golf club. Spencer Williams and Roger Graham had been his co-writers for “I Ain’t Got No one”; additional Peyton songwriting attempts, particularly popular by the beautiful Fats Waller, consist of “Hey Quit Kissin’ My Sister” and “Roumania.”

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