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Dario Castello

Dario Castello was a though significant physique around the music picture in seventeenth hundred years Italy. He released two selections of sonatas composed of 29 functions, obtained for four devices (or fewer) and continuo. He was also a prominent chamber musician in his day time, having contacts with Claudio Monteverdi. Small is well known about Castello’s existence; even info on his essential dates is usually scant and varies broadly. He was created most likely in the late-sixteenth hundred years in Venice, the town where practically all his documented musical activity was focused. It really is known from info in his magazines that by 1621 he was a musician at San Marco Chapel in Venice and performed frequently in his very own breeze ensemble. Since Monteverdi was maestro di cappella at San Marco during Castello’s amount of service, it isn’t astonishing that Castello’s music displays the influence of the great Italian get good at, particularly in the usage of the so-called stile concitata. Castello’s music also divulged various other characteristics regular of your day, notably the deft usage of contrasting tempos and various other colorful features from the stile moderno. His functions were typically have scored for sackbuts, cornetti, violins, and dulcians. It appears Castello may experienced various other relatives who had been musicians, since there have been several Castellos shown as music artists at San Marco in the seventeenth hundred years. One possible comparative was Giovanni Battista Castello (not really the Renaissance-era painter and sculptor), who was simply mixed up in 1620s in the program from the Doge of Venice. Some think that Dario Castello passed away in the 1630 plague that ravaged Venice. Others conjecture he resided on before 1650s. A reprinted model of his sonatas from 1658 suggests in an email that he was no more alive.

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