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Daniel Lioneye

Finnish rock outfit Daniel Lioneye may be the splinter group developed by members from the acclaimed hard rock-band H.We.M. The music group was created in 2001 by H.We.M. guitarist Mikko Viljami “Linde” Lindström (aka Daniel Lioneye) on vocals and acoustic guitar, Mikko Heinrik Julius “Migé” Paananen on bass, Ville Hermanni Valo on drums, Kai “Hiili” Hiilesmaa on keyboards, and Ike responsible for sound files. The group’s 1st album, The Ruler of Rock’n Move, found its way to 2001 and contains sleazy hard rock and roll. After nearly ten years of inactivity, Linde and Migé came back for the sequel, 2010’s Vol. II (THE FINISH Records). This time around supported by H.We.M. keyboardist Janne “Burton” Puurtinen and Enochian Crescent drummer Dark Vomit Bolton, Vol. II was very much darker and violent than their debut, amounting for an industrialized dark metallic experiment. Following a tour with Cradle of Filth, the group continued to be silent for eight years, where time H.We.M. released two even more albums (Screamworks and Tears on Tape). Daniel Lioneye re-emerged in 2016 for the follow-up, Vol. III, this time around documented by Linde, Migé, Burton, and fresh drummer Seppo Tarvainen. Once again released on THE FINISH Information, Vol. III dialed back again the hostility of II, showing a balanced mixture of the hard rock and roll of the debut with a number of the orchestral metallic flourish of the sophomore effort.

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