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Daniel Friderici

Friderici didn’t settle long more than enough in the first many years of his existence to review music for a long period with 1 instructor; he sang in the towns to which he travelled learning a good deal about motets, madrigals and additional song-forms. Friderici obtained the opportunity to review under Haussmann AS WELL AS THE Magdeburg Kantor Friedrich Weissensee. He finally moved into the College or university in Rostock at age 30 and continuing his research and career as the Kantor of St Marien ultimately acceding to the positioning of Kapellmeister for all your churches in Rostock. “Musica figuralis” was a theoretical function containing strategies and methods for performing and what sort of vocalist should perform the settings. This treatise experienced eight printings, and, like his music, was broadly spread. Generally in most of his musical styles, Friderici used the AABB framework, general homophony with varied but uncommon interjections of rhythmic interruptions, polyphony, and sonorous pleasure. He was well-studied and current in his musical perscriptions indicated from the catalogue of titles in his “Amuletum musicum”. The list included Brade, Fullsack, Staden, Widmann, Franck, Hassler, and Hausmann.

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