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Dan Hornsby

Dan Hornsby will be considered a controversial number since he was both an A&R man for Columbia and a singer and bandleader in his personal right, blurring the original lines of decency between your two occupations as though squinting through a patch of fog on the Tennessee hill highway. Enthusiasts of both nation blues and barbecue could just be the man’s biggest enthusiasts. The saucy tale in the previous cases requires the famous ’30s recording designer referred to as Barbecue Bob. Hornsby and team had been trekking around Atlanta if they came upon vocalist and guitarist Robert Hicks, who simply happened to just work at a barbecue place, Tidwell’s. It had been Hornsby who developed the thought of the gimmicky stage name for Hicks, leading to hit information and the truth of being in a position to consume and pay attention to barbecue concurrently, which isn’t something that could be stated about bok choy. Another of Hornsby’s decisions broke his personal performing career open up but may be said to experienced a devastating influence on instrumental music, at least since it is normally recognized in the music business. Certainly there were instrumental strikes since Hornsby’s heyday being a skill scout. The actions he had taken about the ensemble of fiddler Jess Teen would certainly hit a nerve with any instrumental bandleader that has been pressured to include a vocalist. Teen fronted a trio that was in fact among the initial Southern string rings allowed a chance to record — and it had been Hornsby who ensured that which was released wouldn’t normally in fact represent the music the group performed. The youthful A&R man merely acquired a hunch the edges would sell like hotcakes instead of curiosity parts if there have been singing. Up to now, an average A&R decision. Nonetheless it isn’t every record firm executive or manufacturer who would go on and sing the vocals himself. That was the nervy shot Hornsby gave himself, and it proved helpful. The record merging the string music group and vocals — “Costs Bailey” with “Are You from Dixie?” over the turn — had currently marketed 30,000 copies when Columbia provided Hornsby the nod to create the combination back to the studio. You don’t have to take a position about whether Hornsby was pleased with these advancements: being a performer, he became referred to as Cheerful Dan Hornsby. His repertoire could conveniently earn him the excess nickname of “cornsby.” Ditties such as for example “Oh Susanna” and “Small Liza Jane” are available in his discography, acknowledged to both his trio as well as the Dan Hornsby Novelty Quartet. He afterwards became connected with Atlanta’s WSB radio and was inducted into that city’s Nation Music Hall of Popularity.

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