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Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams is among a fresh wave of performers bringing the cosmetic sensibilities of digital technology to keep upon the varieties of environmental space music initial explored by famous brands Brian Eno, David Parsons, Michael Stearns, and Robert Full. Abrams began producing music as an adolescent on his Apple IIe before obtaining deeper in to the features of software program synthesis within the middle-’90s. Although he previously no purpose of ever liberating his music, Abrams delivered a demonstration off to the brand new York-based 12k after studying the label through its site. 12k’s Taylor Duepree (a developer and musician documenting under the titles Human being Mesh Dance and Prototype 909, amongst others) quickly added a tabs on Abrams to some limited-release label sampler known as .aiff (released in mid-’99), and issued Abrams’ Optimal.lp several months later on. (Abrams, still students of product style at Los Angeles’ Artwork Center College of Style when .aiff premiered, also designed the compilation’s laser-cut mylar, floppy-disc-resembling product packaging.) Optimal.lp was quickly lauded because of its elegant mix of basic melodic conditions with subtly challenging digital tests, with evaluations to the task of Eno and Global Conversation proving normally, and appropriate, while those to Oval or Ryoji Ikeda.

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